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Susan Smith

Director & Treasurer

Experienced, trustworthy, fun. These are just a few of the ways coworkers describe this invaluable member of our team. Susan Smith is truly a joy to be around and she makes every single day I talk with her, a special one.


Pamela Whitaker


Pamela Whitaker founded Cyber Fly Girls in 2015.  Pam felt the need to reach other women who also faced unforeseen challenges, as she had in male dominated STEM engineering fields.  She felt that Cyber Fly Girls could provide a pathway of support for young women entering these fields and for women currently in the workplace.


Lalita Flagg

President & Director

With us since our founding, Lalita Flagg is one of our veteran team members. She brings a special quality which we can only explain as "Tinker Belle". Her dedication to the young women we work with is always brimming over as she works alongside our founder to grow this dream to fruition.

Young Woman with Grey Sweater

Cynthia Williams PhD.


Alex Smith joined Cyber Fly Girls with the vision and drive to improve upon our Non-Profit Organization, and focused on developing the organization with experience and integrity.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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